Angelina Phan Wampler
President & Majority Owner

Born and raised in Vietnam, Angie came to the United States by herself when she was 18 years old. Because of this, she truly understands the value of hard work. 


In 2016, she began working at C3, Inc., an electrical distributor, in accounting and customer service.  This  broadened her knowledge of the construction and electrical fields.


In 2018, she started working for Vertical Technology Solutions. Her role allowed her to manage cell phone tower project installations. She strived to teach and implement cell phone tower safety.


In these industries, she was always of the few minorities working in the field. This was one of the reasons she decided to start her own Minority, Women-Owned Business. She wanted to pave the way for more women and minorities in the construction, electrical, and cell phone tower industries. Her focus is to create more jobs and opportunities for all, especially minorities and women.

Helen Paola Lizano Herrera

Born and raised in San Ramon, Costa Rica. The daughter of a salesman and a seamstress. Her parents migrated to the United States in 2001 with their two daughters. During her time in the US, Helen’s parents never let her forget her roots but cheered for her to dive into the culture. They taught her the value of hard work, education, and communication. This has opened doors for her love of cultures and languages. Among her passion for people, she posses’ a passion for leadership, business and, forming lasting relationships.

She graduated from Westfield Washington High School In 2010 and in 2012 graduated as a Cosmetologist from Avant Gard the School. In 2016 she decided to go back to school to obtain her Associates in Business Administration and is now a bachelor’s candidate in her field. She is adamant in continuing her education and applying it.

During her first month after graduation from Avant Gard, in 2012 she worked for L.A. Fitness as an Assistant Director for the sales personal training department. She exceeded sales goals within 3 months with over 120,000 in contracts obtained for her department. She led the way in accountability implementation both for the staff and clients and mentored new staff to meet sales goals and succeed in the business.

The next step in her career development was at CFI Design Management Inc. from 2017 to 2020. Helen worked directly under the President and Vice President of the company, this opportunity allowed her to see the background works of construction and entrepreneurship and in 2020 became determined to find her way into the field as an entrepreneur in the construction business. Her time at CFI allowed her to see, marketing, project management, accounting, operations, and customer service up close.


Helen has helped provide companies with a network of long-lasting relationships, sales training, and is skilled in developing long-term operational strategies to run at maximum efficiency and productivity. She is innovative and upholds a high standard for herself and those she works for. She is bringing that experience and skill to MCD to provide leadership, growth and is excited for the opportunity to help other women and minorities grow in the field of construction.

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Mark Henry
Relationship Director

Upon graduating from Anderson University in 1989, Mark began his sales career as an entry-level salesman with the Indiana Business Journal (IBJ). This is where he learned to cultivate the value of relationships & hard work that his parents had taught him.


Eventually, Mark was recruited to work for FedEx Office & Print as a Sales Executive, specializing once again in strategic relationships. His responsibilities included sales of business & print communications into the commercial, healthcare, industrial, and governmental markets. Mark was also asked to help construct and implement training & mentoring for a corporate sales team.


Learning from these amazing opportunities led Mark & his family to create Midwest Firestop, Inc., in 2006. Over his fifteen-year tenure with Midwest, he has helped to educate people in the healthcare, commercial construction & industrial space regarding Life Safety compliance and how the firestopping market needs to be handled. The amount of wonderful people that have invested into Mark over the years and allowed him to share knowledge has been invaluable and for that he is forever grateful.


Mark has always had a passion for helping people & looking for solutions from a different perspective. Three business principles that he learned from his family are:


  • Do life & business with people you Know, Like & Trust

  • Be Open, Honest & Transparent

  • Be willing to discuss the Good, Bad & Ugly



This philosophy matches nicely to the values that MCD was founded on and why Mark has joined the team. He is looking forward to, once again, helping his strategic relationships grow deeper as we help them accomplish their diversity needs